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Silverseas Cruises

Silverseas Cruises & Expeditions of Discovery

Silversea Cruises 

Silversea Cruises was founded in 1994 by the Lefebvre family. The company is part of the Royal Caribbean Group, headquartered in Monaco. It boasts a fleet of ships that sail to over 900 destinations worldwide! 

Silversea Cruise Amenities 

Silversea Cruise Ships has taken luxury cruising to a new level by creating top-notch amenities for guests. These luxury cruise ships boast: 

● Spacious dining areas for guests to relax after a long day exploring new places. 

● Spas and fitness centers to keep guests active while onboard. 

● Casinos and saloons for guests who enjoy gaming and socializing. 

● Spacious suites and butlers for every suite. 

● Complimentary laundry services and 24-hour room service. 

● Bars and lounges that serve premium spirits to guests. 

● Many restaurant options, including gourmet dining.

Silversea Cruise Ships 

If you're looking to go on an expedition with Silversea Cruise, you’ll have your pick of various cruise ships. 

● Silver Cloud. The vessel boasts large suites and public spaces that make luxury travel even more comfortable. Guests have the opportunity to watch penguins, whales, or other sea creatures from the ship's veranda. The crew-to-guest ratio is remarkable, making the vessel one of the best in the expedition. 

● Silver Muse. Whether embarking on a Caribbean cruise or taking an excursion to Alaska, Silver Muse will have you feeling like royalty. The ship boasts spacious and elegant suites with all the modern amenities and then some. Her restaurants have Michelin-starred chefs eager to whip up some delectable dishes. 

● Silver Dawn: This state-of-the-art marvel boasts an otium (leisure time to relax) to offer guests comfort in the spa or suits. When you’re hungry, there are several different dining areas and bars to choose from. While onboard, you can enjoy the pristine ocean waters, penguins, and whales from the observation library. 

● Silver Shadow. Accommodating 388 guests, you get enough space to relax and enjoy yourself while on board. The ship has elegant suites, spas, sweeping dining rooms, and friendly staff for its guests. 

Silversea Cruise Available Destinations 

Sailing the seas with a smile on your face is quite the experience. But when you do it on Silversea Cruise Ships, you can venture to some of the most breathtaking destinations in the world, including; 

● Antarctica 

● The Arctic 

● The Galapagos Islands 

● Amazon River

● Northern Europe and the British Isles 

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Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises

Seabourn Cruises is a luxury cruise line founded in 1987 by Bruce Ismay, the former chairman of White Star Line. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and is part of the Carnival Corporation & plc. Seabourn Cruises has a fleet of ships that sail to over 300 destinations worldwide in more than 60 countries! 

Seabourn Cruise Amenities 


Seabourn's cruises are all about luxury, leisure, and pampering. Here are some of the fantastic amenities on a typical Seabourn cruise:

● Complimentary water sports from the onboard marina. 

● An award-winning spa for relaxing and socializing. 

● Gourmet dining experiences. 

● Boutique shopping for shopping lovers. 

● Onboard entertainment to keep guests relaxed. 

● 24-hour room service. 

Aside from these many luxury amenities, the cruise offers complimentary in-suite bar setup, replenishment, and several impressive restaurants and cafes. 

Seabourn Cruise Ships 

Seabourn has an excellent fleet of luxurious ships that offer unrivaled comfort and convenience. Here are some of the best ships worth highlighting:

● Seabourn Venture. This vessel's beautifully appointed suites onboard offer sumptuous indulgence to the guests. The restaurant and bar provide a superb experience for guests. Plenty of other facilities are available for guests, from spas and pools to gyms and casinos. 

● Seabourn Pursuit. This ship is expected to launch in 2023 with kayaks, 24 Zodiacs, and an expert expedition team. The vessel will boast facilities like restaurants, casinos, and fitness centers for guests to enjoy. 

Seabourn Cruise Available Destinations 


Find peace on a Seabourn expedition that doesn't experience as many crowds as other ship excursions. Settle in for a relaxing cruise under the navy-blue waters of the Mediterranean. Or cruise through the most remote corners of: 

● Alaska 

● The Caribbean 

● Europe 

● Asia 

If the above locales don’t fit your fancy, consider a cruise to any of the other 300+ destinations Seabourn Cruise offers. Look into less populated destinations like Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Planning a cruise vacation? Let the team at Liquid Diving Adventures help you with that. Contact us today!

Seabourn Cruise Ships

Seabourn Ovation

300 Suites  -  690 feet in length  -  92 feet in width

Introducing Seabourn Ovation, the sister-ship to the already -prestigious Seabourn Encore. Seabourn Ovation represents another welcome stage in the evolution of small-ship cruising, which Seabourn pioneered and has consistently expanded and enriched for all of our small-ship cruises. This ship delivers a wealth of new concepts, a fresh vision and a host of illuminating ideas to delight the world's most discerning travelers.

Seabourn Encore

300 Suites  -  690 feet in length  -  92 feet in width

Seabourn Encore is as strikingly beautiful and as excitingly innovative as any Seabourn has ever debuted. She crowns a fleet of luxury cruise ships already the newest, most modern, and most acclaimed in the ultra-luxury segment. Modeled on the award-winning trio of ships introduced with Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Encore represents another welcome stage in the evolution of small ship cruising, which Seabourn pioneered and has consistently expanded and enriched for all of our small ship cruises.

Seabourn Quest

229 Suites  -  650 feet in length  -  84 feet in width

Seabourn Quest is the third iteration of the vessel design called “a game-changer for the luxury segment.” True to her Seabourn bloodlines, wherever she sails around the world, Seabourn Quest carries with her a bevy of award-winning dining venues that are comparable to the finest restaurants to be found anywhere. Seabourn Quest offers a variety of dining options to suit every taste and every mood, with never an extra charge.

Seabourn Sojourn

229 Suites  -  650 feet in length  -  84 feet in width

Seabourn Sojourn enchants her guests with an array of public areas scaled to encourage a relaxed sociability. One of the most unusual features of Seabourn Sojourn and her sisters is Seabourn Square, an ingenious "living room" that replaces the traditional cruise ship lobby with a welcoming lounge filled with easy chairs, sofas and cocktail tables; making it more inviting and relaxing on a small ship cruise. An enclave in its center houses knowledgeable concierges discreetly seated at individual desks.

Seabourn Venture

Seabourn's ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship Seabourn Venture, is paying tribute to the remote destinations visited by the brand's highly successful expedition and Ventures by Seabourn excursion programs and the fascinating places yet to be explored in the future. Seabourn Venture launched in July 2022. The ship is designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and includes a plethora of modern hardware and technology that will extend the ship's global deployment and capabilities. A new and exciting offering will be two custom-built submarines carried onboard, providing an unforgettable view of the world beneath the ocean’s surface. The ship is also designed to carry a complement of double sea kayaks as well as 24 Zodiacs that can accommodate all onboard guests at once, which will allow for a truly immersive experience. The ship will feature 132 all veranda, all ocean-front suites.

Seabourn Pursuit

Seabourn Pursuit is the second Seabourn expedition ship slated to launch in 2023. Both Seabourn Pursuit and sister ship Seabourn Venture are designed and built for diverse environments to PC6 Polar Class standards and include modern hardware and technology that will extend the ships’ global deployment and capabilities. Each will carry two custom-built submarines, 24 Zodiacs, kayaks, and a 26-person expert expedition team whose role is to engage guests throughout each voyage. 


The ship then continues onward by exploring the waters and landscapes of Greenland, Iceland and Norway throughout the spring and early summer, in some instances retracing the path of the Vikings to the frontier town of Tromsø while carving its way through the inside passage of the Norwegian fjords along the way. A sure highlight for August 2023 is the ship’s Northwest Passage journey through some of the most remote areas in the Northern Hemisphere from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Nome, Alaska. 

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