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Dive travel....what more can I say? It's what we do...!

Most, if not all, dive travel businesses are owned and operated by people who are scuba divers and have a passion to experience new places and the wonders of the ocean. Unlike many other business owners, it seems ocean water may run in our veins.

Our mantra is "eat, sleep, dive." Although we call our planet Earth, it is a water planet, with approximately 80% of the planet being covered by oceans. Is a dive traveler's passion unusual? Well with our bodies made up of about 80% water, it is no coincidence our hearts beat with the surge of the waves.

Owner, Greg Carter, grew up on the California coast where surfing was THE sport, Beachboys THE music, and scuba diving was an adventure for those few brave souls. Greg's hero was Mike Nelson, played by Lloyd Bridges, on the TV show "Sea Hunt." Some 40 plus years later, scuba diving has made great advances in equipment and safety, but the same passion for adventure still lives in our hearts.

Fast forward 20 years from the days of "Sea Hunt" and Greg found himself at Jack's Diving Locker, Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, signing up for an open water scuba class. Diving became a real life adventure and a Rescue Diver card. After 10 years of diving the Hawaiian waters, Greg returned to San Francisco and founded the Oceanic Resource Foundation to pursue marine conservation and education.

With some 25 years of scuba diving under his weight belt, Greg continues the adventure with Liquid Diving Adventures, to share exotic destinations near and far and meet creatures large and small. From tiny lettuce slugs to whale sharks, gentle giants of the sea, we are amazed by every dive and the variety of life in the oceans.

Now with a nitrox card, studying for Divemaster certification, Greg is constantly striving to improve his underwater photography skills with a Nikon D90 in an Aquatica housing and Inon strobes.

Liquid Diving Adventures co-owner, Gail Harding, and Greg were married by the mayor of the island of Utila, barefoot on the beach at the Laguna Beach Resort, and became mermaid and merman, sharing their passion for the ocean.

With our experience covering the Caribbean, Mexico, Baja California, Hawaii, Thailand, Fiji and other destinations, we strive to provide personalized, exceptional dive travel service to our fellow scuba divers.

Commitment to the Environment
In 1996, on a remote beach on the Sea of Cortez, north of the town of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Greg watched as a clutch of sea turtle hatchlings emerged from their buried nest to make a frantic run to the ocean's edge perhaps 50 meters distant. Athough not an earth-shaking event, this was a pivotal event in Greg's life. The hatching of some 80 sea turtles on a remote sand dune in Baja California gave cause for the birth of the Oceanic Resource Foundation (ORF).

Since its founding, ORF has tracked sea turtle migration using radio transmitters, funded educational projects, worked with Clear Water Caribbean (CWC) on recreational yacht pumping stations in the Bahamas, supported the UN International Year of the Ocean, presented research papers at international sea turtle conferences, participated in ocean cleanup projects in Seattle, Washington and Utila, Honduras, and supported other conservation and education projects. We are committed to protection of the ocean and our philosophy carries over to our dive travel business.

Our dive mantra is "take only pictures, leave only bubbles." By booking your dive travel packages with Liquid Diving Adventures, you also support the efforts of ORF in marine conservation and education. We also seek out those resorts and dive companies who make that extra effort to protect their fragile land-based locations and the ocean during the course of business.

Some of our resorts may be Green Globe Certified, support the Rainforest Alliance, or be a member of Eco Hotels of the World, Sustainable Travel International, or the International Ecotourism Society.
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