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What Travelex offers
Travelex travel insurance provides protection for travelers on most types of trips, from weekend getaways to the luxury vacations.

The Travel Select plan allows you to customize your coverage. The Flight Insurance options are also available for those who want flight-specific protection.

The Travel Select Plan
Thanks to Travel Select's variety of benefits and customizable upgrades, this travel insurance plan is perfect for most kinds of trips. If your trip is delayed, interrupted, or cancelled because of sickness, injury, death, inclement weather, business reasons, pregnancy, or other covered reasons, Travel Select can provide coverage for incurred expenses. Additionally, with the Travel Select plan you also receive coverage for emergency medical and dental expenses, and medical evacuations. Travel Select also provides primary coverage with no deductibles, as well as 24/7 access to travel assistance.

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How is Travel Select different from other travel insurance plans?
Travel Select provides travel insurance to all children 17 and under when accompanied by a covered adult. The number of children is unlimited subject to maximum insured limits. Please list the accompanying child when enrolling. If the child's trip cost exceeds the adult's trip cost, the child will be charged the corresponding plan cost. This plan also enables business travelers to receive reimbursements as a result of work-related cancellation or interruption reasons, too.

Coverage for a pre-existing medical condition (link to additional text) is also available if you purchase the Travel Select plan within 15 days of the initial trip payment. Additionally, Travel Select offers customizable upgrades such as Additional Medical Coverage (link to additional text) and Adventure Sports (link to additional text), if you're looking for a plan that's tailored to your vacation. Coverage is also included for Coronavirus COVID-19 (link to additional text) and hurricanes (link to added text).

How do I purchase Travel Select insurance?
Buying Travel Select is quick and easy. Enter your travel details into the quote box - including your state of residence as well as your departure and return dates - and you'll receive a free, online quote instantly. From here, you have the option of choosing Travel Select as your travel insurance plan. Once Travel Select is selected, you'll also be able to customize your policy with any upgrades. By picking the Travel Select plan, you can be confident that you and your trip are well protected.

Pre-Existing Condition
What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is generally described as a chronic health condition that you have prior to purchasing your travel insurance policy. Sometimes pre-existing conditions can include congenital ailments such as type 2 diabetes or asthma; other times pre-existing conditions include complications developed later in life such as scoliosis or high blood pressure.

As long as you have a condition for which there is a course of or recommendation for treatment, a diagnostic test or exam, or for which drugs or medicine are prescribed, it can be considered as "pre-existing".

What is not considered a pre-existing condition?

If you suffer from a condition that is treated or controlled solely through the taking of medication and it remains treated or controlled without an adjustment in medication during the 60-day period immediately prior to your trip, then it is not considered to be a pre-existing condition.

Additionally, the plan does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from a mental, nervous, or psychological disorder. This means if you suffer from depression or anxiety, you cannot receive coverage even with the pre-existing condition exclusion waiver.

If you have any further questions concerning what does and does not qualify as a pre-existing condition, Travelex's customer service team is happy to provide additional information.

Additional Medical Coverage
Why do I need Additional Medical Coverage?

While most destinations you'll visit on your vacations will have medical facilities, the costs for medical treatments vary from place to place. If you're planning to travel to a country or location that is known for higher medical costs – or if your upcoming trip includes adventurous activities like scuba diving – it's a good idea to consider including the Additional Medical Coverage in your policy. It can help protect you if an accident occurs and you're stuck with a hefty medical bill.

Another benefit of Additional Medical Coverage is during moments that might call for an emergency evacuation or repatriation of remains. If either situation were to occur, this upgrade will provide reimbursement for incurred expenses up to $500,000.

How is Additional Medical Coverage different from the Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses benefit?

While the Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses benefit and the Additional Medical Coverage upgrade cover the same type of unexpected incidents, the upgrade enables you to add an extra layer of financial protection to your trip. The Additional Medical Coverage upgrade includes an additional $50,000 in medical expense coverage and $500,000 in medical evacuation coverage on top of what is already included in the Emergency Medical and Dental Expense and Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation benefits.

Adventure Sport
Why should I include the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade in my policy?

While Travelex's Travel Select plan provide coverage for certain sports and adventures, sometimes you might need a little extra protection for activities not automatically covered in your plan. For trips that include activities such as mountain climbing, sightseeing by helicopter, and learning to fly, you are able to include the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade as part of the Travel Select plan to help ensure you're adequately protected. With this upgrade, you can follow your adrenaline rush with extra peace of mind.

What does the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade cover?

If you plan to venture off the beaten path during your next vacation, the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade provides protection for certain activities that wouldn't otherwise be included in your base insurance plan. For example, if you plan to participate in sporting activities such as professional athletic events, mountain climbing, heli-skiing, parasailing, skydiving, and more, the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade is a must-have to ensure you're protected.

Will I be covered for any adventure activities without this upgrade?

Travelex's Travel Select plan offer a basic level of coverage for certain activities. This includes scuba diving, kayaking, bungee cord jumping, skiing, canyoning, river rafting, snorkeling, horseback riding, hiking, and more. If your next trip involves any extreme sports or adventures outside what is automatically covered, it is recommended that you consider purchasing the Adventure Sports Coverage upgrade.

Will I be covered for trip cancellation?

A Travelex travel insurance plan can provide coverage for trip cancellation if you or a traveling companion test positive for coronavirus and must physically quarantine as a result, as certified by a physician. Additionally, if a non-traveling family member is diagnosed with the coronavirus and a physician determines that it is life-threatening or they require your care, you will be eligible for coverage. Finally, if a business partner tests positive for the coronavirus and you must cancel your trip to assume daily management of the business, you are eligible for trip cancellation coverage. This must be certified by a physician to receive coverage.

What if I contract coronavirus while traveling?

If you or a traveling companion contract coronavirus while traveling, and it is diagnosed by a physician, you could be eligible for trip interruption, trip delay, emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage. Trip interruption provides coverage for the unused portion of your prepaid non-refundable expenses as well as any additional transportation expenses you may incur to return home or re-join your trip. Trip delay provides coverage for any additional expenses you may incur, such as hotel and meals, if a physician orders you to physically quarantine while on a trip and you are delayed by it. Emergency medical and evacuation provides coverage for medical expenses incurred while treating the coronavirus and emergency evacuation if medically necessary.

If I am traveling to a country which requires a coronavirus test when I arrive, what happens if I test positive?

Since Travelex is treating coronavirus like any other illness, if you were to arrive at your destination and test positive for the virus, you could be eligible for coverage. If a physician required you to quarantine, you would be eligible for trip interruption, trip delay, emergency medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage.

What type of coverage would I have if I am quarantined while on my trip?

If you test positive for coronavirus while traveling, you will want to follow the doctor's orders on where to quarantine. You may quarantine in either a hospital, hotel, or vacation rental while on your trip and still be eligible for up to the trip delay benefit limit to help cover additional hotel and meal expenses as well as emergency medical and emergency evacuation coverage.

How long will my policy extend coverage if I am required to quarantine?

Coverage will automatically extend to the date you reach your return destination and benefits will be paid up to the policy limits, as long as you return as soon as you are fit to fly or once your quarantine period is over.

How can travel assistance help if I test positive for coronavirus while traveling?

If you test positive for coronavirus while traveling, travel assistance can help you make arrangements to extend your hotel stay, locate alternate accommodations, make changes to your travel bookings and much more. If you are experiencing symptoms and would like to be seen by a physician, the Travelex Assistance Provider can refer you to a local clinic, physician, or medical facility. They can also help you understand what benefits are available under your policy, particularly outside of Travelex office hours.

What does travel insurance not cover regarding coronavirus?

Travel insurance does not provide trip cancellation or interruption coverage for fear of travel, if your travel supplier cancels your trip due to coronavirus concerns, if a government travel warning, restriction, or ban prevents you from reaching your destination, or if your business issues a travel restriction. If you are required to show a negative COVID test prior to leaving your original destination, the cost of the test is not covered unless directed by a physician.

If you must cancel your trip for a non-covered reason, we encourage you to contact your travel suppliers to seek a refund. Travelex may allow you to apply the policy to another trip at a later date. Please contact Travelex Customer Solutions for further details on this option.

How do I get a "Medical Letter" to show proof of insurance?

Many countries are now requiring proof of adequate insurance with emergency medical and evacuation coverage in the event a traveler contracts coronavirus while traveling. Travelex can provide a Medical Letter for travel agents and policyholders which will include traveler and trip information, Travelex protection plan information, dates of coverage, and benefit amounts. If the departure is within the next 24 – 48 hours, please include "URGENT" in the subject line.

To request a Medical Letter, contact the Travelex Customer Solution Team at: Please include the following information in the email:

  • Travelex Plan Confirmation Number
  • Name(s) of policy holder
  • Email address to send Medical Letter
  • Destination
  • Dates of Travel
  • Contact information in case there are questions

Please allow 3-5 business days from the date of the request to receive your letter. As the requirements for emergency medical and evacuation insurance may vary by country, you will need to verify that your Travelex plan provides sufficient levels of coverage for entry into your destination country.

If you're planning a vacation during hurricane season (typically June through November), you are wise to consider the risks and how to protect your travel investment. When conditions become favorable for a severe storm – especially in locations around the Caribbean and Atlantic waters – the worry that your trip could be ruined is valid.

What does travel insurance cover for hurricanes?

Travel insurance can provide coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption and trip delay in the event of a hurricane or other named storm. When choosing a travel insurance plan with hurricanes in mind, it's important to consider the covered reasons for trip cancellation, interruption and delay to make sure you have the coverage you need.

What's the best travel insurance for hurricanes?

The best Travelex travel insurance plan for hurricanes is Travel Select. With the Travel Select plan you can receive up to 100% of insured trip cost for trip cancellation and up to 150% for trip interruption in the event of a hurricane. This means if your insured trip cost was $5,000, you could receive up to $5,000 for trip cancellation and $7,500 for trip interruption for unused trip costs or newly incurred transportation expenses. Travel Select also has trip delay benefit that can provide coverage in the event of a hurricane. If a hurricane causes you to be delayed for five consecutive hours and prevents you from reaching your destination you can receive up to $750 ($250/day) to cover additional expenses caused by your delay.

With Travel Select, the covered reasons for trip cancellation, interruption and delay due to a hurricane include:

  • You or a traveling companion's primary residence becoming uninhabitable or inaccessible
  • Your destination is made uninhabitable or inaccessible
  • You or your traveling companion's company is deemed to be unstable for business and you or your traveling companion are directly involved on the disaster recovery team

When should I buy travel insurance for a hurricane?

The best time to buy travel insurance to receive protection from hurricanes is as soon as you make your first trip payment. This will help ensure you are protected from unforeseeable events such as hurricanes that have yet to occur. Once a hurricane is a named storm, it becomes a foreseeable event. This means you can no longer purchase travel insurance and receive coverage for that storm.

What is not covered?

A common reason a hurricane (or other storm) would not be covered by travel insurance is the timing. You must purchase your travel insurance plan prior to the hurricane becoming a named storm. Additional reasons for a hurricane not being covered will vary depending on the specific travel insurance plan. When deciding between plans, it's important to consider the covered reasons for trip cancellation, interruption and delay for each plan to make sure you're receiving the coverage you need. If you're planning a vacation during hurricane season, weather can be unpredictable. It helps to know what to expect when traveling to hurricane-prone places like the Caribbean. Purchasing travel insurance early can help alleviate risk and provide peace of mind
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