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Amazing Dive Site Atolls in the Maldives

Amazing Dive Site Atolls in the Maldives

Baa Atoll

Image of mantas courtesy of

1. Hanifaru Bay: Famous for its seasonal gatherings of manta rays and whale sharks, providing an incredible opportunity for snorkelers to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.


2. Dhonfan Thila: An underwater pinnacle known for its vibrant coral formations and diverse marine life, offering an exciting dive experience for both beginners and experienced divers.


3. Maavaru Kandu: A channel dive site featuring strong currents and an abundance of marine life, including sharks, rays, and schools of colorful fish.


4. Dhigali Haa: This dive site showcases beautiful coral formations, large sea fans, and a variety of reef fish species, making it a perfect spot for underwater photography enthusiasts.


5. Kudarah Thila: Known for its caves and overhangs, Kudarah Thila offers a chance to spot various pelagic species like tuna and barracuda along with a wide array of reef inhabitants.

Raa Atoll

Image courtesy of Marc Zaalberg - Ocean Dimensions, Maldives

1. Maa Uthuru Thila: A submerged pinnacle with excellent visibility and frequent encounters with eagle rays, sharks, and other large marine species.


2. Madivaru Corner: This corner site is renowned for its strong currents, attracting big fish like grey reef sharks, Napoleon wrasses, and schools of trevallies.


3. Fushivaru Thila: A great place to observe white tip reef sharks and explore overhangs covered with colorful soft corals and sponges.


4. Maakurathu Beyru: With a diverse topography and an abundance of marine life, this site offers sightings of turtles, moray eels, and various reef fish.

Rasdhoo Atoll

Rashdoo dive site map courtesy of Rashdoo Dive & Water Sports Center, Maldives

1. Hammerhead Point: An exciting dive spot where divers have a chance to see hammerhead sharks cruising in the deeper waters.


2. Rasdhoo Madivaru: Known for its beautiful coral formations and regular sightings of sharks, including grey reef sharks and white tips.


3. Rasdhoo Reef: A shallow reef suitable for snorkeling and diving, teeming with colorful coral and a variety of marine life.

Ari Atoll

Whale shark image at Ari Atoll courtesy of Maldives Magazine

1. Maaya Thila: One of the most famous dive sites in the Maldives, Maaya Thila offers encounters with sharks, rays, and an incredible diversity of fish species, both day and night.


2. Fish Head: Also known as Shark Point, this site is a submerged pinnacle attracting large schools of fish, sharks, and occasional manta rays.


3. Maalhos Thila: A vibrant and picturesque reef with overhangs, where divers can spot nudibranchs, eels, and various macro critters.


4. Broken Rock: An interesting site with a split in the reef that creates a swim-through, housing a variety of marine life and corals.


5. Kudarah Thila: Note: This site was mentioned under Baa Atoll as well. It's a popular dive site in the Maldives, featuring caves, overhangs, and a diverse range of marine species.

Vaavu Atoll

Manta image courtesy of Fulidhoo Dive - Shark image courtesy of Blue Force Fleet 

Many Maldives liveaboard itineraries include Vaavu Atoll for good reason. The diving here is extremely good, and there are very few day trip boats or resort divers. Its location is far enough away to feel remote and undeveloped, but near enough to be easily reachable during a liveaboard cruise. Add to the more than twenty excellent dive sites, including the longest unbroken reef in the country, and you have even more reason to dive here.

1. Miyaru Kandu: A channel dive with strong currents, attracting large pelagic species like sharks, eagle rays, and tunas.


2. Fotteyo Kandu: Known for its impressive soft coral formations, this channel dive site offers encounters with various sharks and schools of fish.


3. Alimatha House Reef: Perfect for night dives, this reef is home to nurse sharks and offers an opportunity to see them during their feeding frenzy.

South Male Atoll

South Male Atoll image courtesy of Maldives Magazine

1. Guraidhoo Corner: An exhilarating drift dive along the outer reef, where divers can observe sharks, turtles, and sometimes even manta rays.


2. Embudu Kandu: A thrilling dive site with strong currents, attracting large schools of fish, sharks, and occasional eagle rays.


3. Cocoa Thila: A submerged pinnacle with a variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, and schools of fusiliers.


4. Kandooma Thila: A popular site featuring caves, overhangs, and abundant marine life, providing an excellent opportunity for underwater photography.


These dive sites in the Maldives offer incredible underwater experiences for divers and snorkelers, showcasing the region's diverse and abundant marine life.

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