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8 Exciting Activities to Put on Your Belize Travel Itinerary

8 Exciting Activities to Put on Your Belize Travel Itinerary

When you think of Belize, what comes to mind? Is it images of gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and dense tropical jungles? Thanks to the country’s diverse culture, language, and cuisine, Belize has much to offer its visitors. There is always something new to discover, from exploring Mayan ruins to scuba diving among vibrant coral reefs.

With so many options, planning your trip may feel a bit challenging. Where to begin! In this post, we’ll share eight fun, must-do activities when visiting Belize.

1. Scuba Diving in the Great Blue Hole

With a plethora of scuba diving resorts to choose from, Belize has scuba diving adventures for everyone, whether you're a first-timer or an experienced scuba diver. Blackbird Caye Resort has access to some of the most astounding scuba diving sites, including the Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye. In these eerie sites, you'll explore unique marine life filled with mysterious stalactites and stalagmites.

Huracan Diving Lodge is another tranquil Belize resort that offers scuba diving. Scuba divers can visit Sandbore Caye and the lighthouse as well as swim among massive stalactites and reef sharks.

2. Snorkeling in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve

Snorkeling is another exciting activity that makes Belize a fantastic scuba diving destination. Visit Hol Chan Marine Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the world’s second-largest coral barrier reef, to swim among more exotic sea creatures. The site is home to sharks, fairy basslets, moray eels, and gigantic parrot fish. Don’t forget your camera for the breathtaking underwater views!

The reserve is divided into three areas: the Main Channel, the Shark Ray Alley, and the Mangrove Forest. If you’re feeling really ambitious, plan to check out all three during your visit for a well-rounded experience.

3. Explore the Ancient Mayan Ruins

Mayan ruins are found throughout the country and Black Orchid Resort offers guided tours of popular Belize ruins. Caracol is a less crowded gem near the Belize border with Guatemala, making it a top pick. You are sure to enjoy the epic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Other ruins to visit in Belize are Cahal Pech, Lubaantun, and Lamanai. Climb the top of these ruins and explore the incredible stone structure architecture. Each of these ruins has a unique story about the Mayan civilization.

4. Go Cave Tubing

Cave tubing is a popular activity in Belize. During the excursion, you’ll float on a tube through stunning caves; and these are no ordinary caves. For example, The Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave is a must-see. The cave boasts fascinating mummies and artifacts that offer a glimpse into the past. Make sure to book a guided tour at Black Orchid Resort to take you through this archeological site.

The Blue Hole natural sinkhole is another popular option among travelers. With its crystal-clear waters, this spot is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

5. Go Bird Watching

In addition to being a world-class scuba diving destination, Belize is an excellent bird-watching locale. It is home to over 500 species of birds and you’re likely to spot scarlet macaws, keel-billed toucans, and indigo buntings.

The gorgeous Hamanasi Dive Resort offers amazing bird guide tours. You'll learn about the local species and migratory birds. Enjoy other activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking while staying at this scuba diving resort.

6. Have a Beach Day

When in Belize, you simply must spend a day at one of the many breathtaking beaches. Chabil Mar Resort Placencia is one of the best beach fronts in Belize. With clear blue waters and soft white sands, it's easy to spend hours lounging in the sun. Rent a kayak or paddleboard, go for a dip in the ocean, or relax on the sand with a good book. The Chabil Mar Resort Placencia offers countless activities including scuba diving, zip-lining, fishing, and caving.

7. Take a Cooking Class

A cooking class is a great way to taste traditional Belizean cuisine. During the class you'll learn about the history and culture behind these foods. It's the perfect way to meet locals and learn more about Garifuna, Mestizo, Kriol, and Mennonite cultures. Book a room at Ka’ana Resort to experience Belize culture through their cooking and ceramic classes.

8. Take a Jungle Safari

A jungle safari is the perfect activity for nature lovers looking to get up close with Belize's most iconic wildlife. Safari-goers can expect to see an abundance of wildlife, including howler monkeys, tapirs, and jaguars. Enjoy a guided safari tour from Ka’ana Resort into Belize's most untouched jungles. This resort also offers a river tour to spot monkeys!

Planning a trip to Belize? Contact our team at Liquid Living Adventures and let us help you plan your trip.


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Turneffe Island Resort

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Turneffe Flats Resort - Turneffe Atoll, Belize

Turneffe Flats Resort - Belize


Turneffe Flats Resorts continues to be one of our favorite destinations in the Caribbean. Our divers report great fishing and superb diving, and amazing personalized service.

Belize's Atolls consistently rank among the world's top dive locations and Turneffe Flats is ideally located to take advantage of Belize's very best Scuba diving. The dive program offers 18 dives each week including a day of diving at Lighthouse Reef and the Blue Hole, weather permitting.

The resort is situated to easily access more than 60 dive sites around Turneffe Atoll, and are within an hour's boat ride to the Blue Hole. Turneffe Flats, provides true valet dive service.  After unpacking dive gear on your veranda the first morning, it is washed and set up on the dive boat the remainder of the week.  All you need to do is walk to the dive boat after a delicious breakfast and head for one of the exceptional dive sites.

The resort emphasizes personalized service for a limited number of divers, generally no more than eight divers on our 42 foot boat, Ms Turneffe. The superb dive team makes every effort to ensure that your stay at our tropical paradise is as comfortable and carefree as possible.

If you are looking to book that next dive vacation, we urge you to consider Turneffe Flats Resort as one of the best values in the Caribbean - Belize at its best...! Email us todays for packages, availability and current rates....!

Check out the Turneffe Flats website here.


Turneffe Island Resort Summer Sale $1000 OFF

Turneffe Island Resort Summer Sale

June & July 2015 - Save $1,000

You can "Belize It" this summer with a Caribbean adventure at one of the best resorts on Turneffe Island and save $1,000 on your package. The dive packages include: 7 nights accommodations, all meals and hors d'oeuvres, transfers to and from Belize City, and 15 boat dives on a Saturday to Saturday trip. This package is normally $6,390 for two divers but now $5,390 with the $1,000 discount. Plus when you book with us you also get our agent's discount. Ask for our discounted rate. Remember this package is priced for two divers, not per person.  

Turneffe Flats Resort Travel Report - Turneffe Atoll, Belize

Turneffe Flats Resort - Belize


Air Temperatures – Low to Upper 70s to Low 80s

Water Temperature – 78F


Overall Weather – At the start of the week winds came from the NNE at over 15 knots, and by mid-week they had reduced to 5 knots, only to increase again to 15 knots and swivel around to the NNW.  Skies offered alternating sun and clouds with some rain showers here and there.


Crew - Dive Instructor Anne-Marie was the dive guide, with Carlton (AKA Capt) as boat captain for the week.


Sightings – A positively monstrous size Spotted Eagle Ray came cruising by divers at close range along the Chasbow’s Corner wall on Monday.  Lighthouse Reef Atoll diving on Tuesday was spectacular, with lots of Nassau Groupers along the Half Moon Caye wall area with fat tummies for spawning.  Reef Sharks showed up as usual and showed keen interest in divers whom were taking photos of a Hawksbill Turtle munching on a sponge whom was completely unconcerned with the divers and cameras, or the Reef Sharks whizzing by.  Aquarium to Silver Cave on the western side of Long Caye was a lengthy drift dive covering both action-packed sites.  Reef Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, schools of Horse Eye Jack, numerous large Black Groups, and three Tarpon all made appearances.  The southeastern dives on Friday offered up a White Spotted Toadfish sighting.  Upon close inspection, there was a small Banded Coral Shrimp sitting just above the toadfish’s eye like a red and white eyebrow.  A lone large and muscular Crevalle Jack swam purposefully along the Jojos’s Split wall toward divers coming in close for inspection as it went by.  Each week brings expected sightings and surprises every time.  


Sunday 4 January

Winds at over 15 knots from NE.  Mostly cloudy with some sun.

Dive Sites:  #1 Black Pearl North - 60ft visibility / #2 Black Pearl South – 60ft visibility / #3 Amberhead – 60ft visibility


Monday 5 January

Wind speed at over 15 knots switching from NNE to due north.  Rains showers in the morning gave way to sun in the afternoon. 

Dive Sites:  #1 Terrace – 60ft visibility / #2 Chasbow’s Corner – 60ft visibility / #3 Elkin’s Bay – 60ft


Tuesday 6 January

Winds at just over 10 knots from the NNE.  Mostly sunny conditions all day. 

Dive Sites:  #1 Blue Hole – 30 then 80ft visibility / #2 Half Moon Caye Wall – 60ft visibility / #3 Aquarium to Silver Cave - 50ft visibility


Wednesday 7 January

Winds dropped to 5 knots, and skies were mostly sunny with some clouds. 

Dive Sites:  #1 Wishbone – 70ft visibility / #2 Front Door – 70ft visibility / #3 Night Dive at Northern Bogue


Thursday 8 January

Winds back up to 15 knots from the NNE, then switching to NNW.  Rain showers on and off, revealing patches of sun. 

Dive Sites:  #1 Creekozene South – 60ft visibility / #2 Pine Ridge – 60ft visibility / #3 Lobster Bay - 60ft visibility


Friday 9 January

Light variable winds increased to 10 knots from the NW by mid-morning.  Overcast conditions with passing rain showers gave way to sun in the early afternoon. 

Dive Sites:  #1 The Elbow – 50ft visibility / #2 Jojo’s Split – 70ft visibility / #3 Chrissea’s Place - 70ft visibility


Turneffe Flats Resort Travel Report - Turneffe Atoll, Belize

Air Temperatures – Mid to low 80’s
Water Temperature – 80 to 79F

Overall Weather – The weather was a little challenging this week for divers with cooler, cloudier weather and passing showers.  Wind speeds switched between the north and then northeast with speeds between 10 and over 15 knots.   As a result, water temperatures dropped to 79 degrees F, and 3mm wetsuits need to be pulled out and donned for the winter season.

Crew - Dive Instructor Anne-Marie had Open Water Referral students whom continued on with their Advanced Open Water certification, and Divemaster Denroy joined her toward the end of the week with other divers.  Carlton (AKA Capt) was boat captain for the week.

Sightings – Special sightings for the week included a large Great Barracuda that sat under the boat at Jojo’s Split intimidating the new divers on the first day.  Permit and Horse Eye Jack schools swirled near the surface at Myrtle’s Turtle just north of The Elbow, and several groupers of varying species – Black, Nassau, Yellow Fin, Tiger and Yellow Mouth – were seen at Creekozene and throughout the week showing up the healthy population of groupers we have here in Belize.  To top that off, a 4-foot Goliath Grouper followed divers along curiously for a few minutes at Chasbow’s Corner to the northwest of Turneffe.  This was indeed a heart-warming sight.  The night dive yielded some welcome, but not often seen, players in the Spotted Sea Hare, and a Beaded Sea Cucumber.  Cryptic Tear Drop Crabs were spotted in a number of tube sponges which appear black at depth, but are in fact a brilliant crimson colour.  Eagle Ray Wall on the west side of Long Caye on Lighthouse Reef lived up to its name as four large Spotted Eagle Rays came past divers at close range and continued to circle coming back and forth along the wall for over 5 minutes of the dive.  Large Rainbow and Blue Parrot Fish were seen on the northeast of Turneffe at Lindsay’s Back Porch.   

Sunday 2 November
Winds from the N at 15 knots.  Mostly cloudy with passing showers, and some sun in the afternoon.
Dive Sites:  #1 Jojo’s Split N - 40ft visibility / #2 Jojo’s Split S – 40ft visibility / #3 Calabash Caye Wall - 50ft visibility  
Monday 3 November
Winds remaining at 15 knots from the N.  Morning clouds with showers.  Mostly sunny in the afternoon.
Dive Sites:  #1 Black Beauty N - 60ft visibility / #2 Black Beauty S - 60ft visibility / #3 Myrtle’s Turtle - 70ft visibility

Tuesday 4 November
Wind speeds increasing to over 15 knots from the NE.  Partly cloudy with some sun in the morning and afternoon. 

Dive Sites:  #1 Creekozene N - 80ft visibility / #2 Creekozene S – 80ft visibility / #3 Amberhead – 80ft visibility

Wednesday 5 November
Wind speeds at 10 knots from the NE, and decreasing throughout the day.  Mostly sunny.
Dive Sites:  #1 Chasbow’s Corner – 70ft visibility / #2 Elkin’s Bay – 70ft visibility / #3 Night Dive @ Northern Bogue

Thursday 6 November
Winds at 10 knots from the NE and dropping sharply in the morning to less than 5 knots.  Heavy cloud cover with showers in the morning, giving way to sunny skies in the late morning and afternoon.
Dive Sites:  #1 Blue Hole - 30ft visibility / #2 Half Moon Caye Wall – 60ft visibility / #3 Eagle Ray to Painted Wall – 50ft visibility

Friday 7 November
Winds at less than 10 knots from the NNW.  Passing showers in the early morning with patches of sun broadening to a mostly sunny afternoon.
Dive Sites:  #1 Lindsay’s Back Porch – 70ft visibility / #2 Lettuce Lane – 70ft visibility / #3 Wishbone – 70ft visibility

Turneffe Flats Resort Belize - BOGO Deal - Buy 1, Get 1 50% OFF

Turneffe Flats Resort October Diver BOGO Deal

Special valid for the following weeks:
October 4 - 11, October 11 - 18, October 18 - 25
Dive Package: Purchase 1st at regular low season rate and receive 2nd at 50% off.
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Total Package cost for 2 Divers: $3,843.98

Packages Include: Airport transfers, double occupancy lodging, 3 dives per day, 3 meals per day plus evening
hors d' oeuvres, use of all on-site amenities (pool, internet, kayaks, exercise area, etc.)

Trurneffe Flats Resort - Belize - Trip Report

Turneffe Flats Resort - Dive Report

DIVE REPORT - 10 to 15 August, 2014

Air Temperatures – Mid 80’s

Water Temperature – 84F

Weather for the week was kind to the divers, offering about 10 knots of northeasterly breeze and surface conditions with gentle swells of no more than four feet.  Skies were mostly sunny with some passing clouds and showers.  Both Divemaster Denroy and Dive Instructor Anne-Marie guided for the week, with Carlton (AKA Capt) handling our 36-foot dive boat Miss Turneffe, designed for medium-sized groups of 5 to 10 divers. 

Black Pearl, as well as North and South Creekozene, were the chosen dive sites of the day all delivering a clear 80 feet of visibility.  Some of the eye-catching sightings included a tiny Pipefish which lay on the sand and waved its tail and body mimicking a piece of seaweed waving gently in the surge.  A Yellow Stingray was spotted hiding in the sand with only its eyes and pumping gills visible.  A Giant Barrel Sponge filled with Neon Gobies anxious to nibble on extended hands, brought the expression “a barrel full of gobies”, to mind.  Two tiny juvenile Peacock Flounders were barely visible through their movement as they were perfectly camouflaged on the sand bottom.  An inch-long juvenile Nassau Grouper flexed its predatory muscles from its hiding place in the hole of a small tube sponge, stalking unwary minute shrimp nearby.  A large frond of soft coral growing in a sand bed turned out to be cover for a host of transparent Gorgonian Shrimp that only became visible as they darted from branch to branch.  A healthy-sized Black Grouper swam by in its full display of black and white batik-like pattern.  The white jagged lines of this interesting design radiated away from its eyes, creating a startlingly beautiful effect.

For the second day, we visited the Terrace, Mandy’s Dandy, and Chasbow’s Corner, all with 70 feet of visibility.  There were numerous quantities of small, brilliantly coloured purple and orange-yellow Fairy Basslets everywhere, in addition to their less spectacular Black Cap Basslets cousins.  Magnifying glasses offered close up views of Arrow Blennies, Wire Coral Shrimp, and Neck Crabs covered with reddish-brown sponge for a disguise.  A Hawksbill Turtle, and a Spotted Eagle Ray, both made an appearance.  Blue Bogas shot down the wall in a tight school, followed by enterprising Bar Jacks.  A squadron of three Mackrel swam by at a steady pace in mid-water, as schools of blue Creole Wrasse streamed through coral heads on the top of the wall. 

The best weather conditions were available for our weekly visit to the Blue Hole on Tuesday, so we headed out early to be the first ones to arrive.  Both a deep and shallower version of this dive was covered as we had varying dive experience abilities with our group.  Divers who went to the full 130 feet, had a full view of the Caribbean Reef Sharks when three showed up.  Visibility was 60 feet both shallow and deep.  Divers doing the shallower plan did a maximum depth of 70 feet, and found they could just make out one of the giant stalactites that hung out at the top of the overhang below them.   They too saw the sharks down in the deep.  Four large resident Midnight Parrots cruised the top of the ledge at 40 feet munching on algae growth both from the bottom and what grew on dead coral.  They were quite comfortable allowing divers to venture close, and a view of their moss-covered mouths revealed a likeness to large mustaches.  At this close proximity, one could see the detail of the serrated edge on their large, formidable beaks.   Our second dive at Half Moon Caye Wall gave divers 70 feet of visibility, and a fair amount of sightings.  A Caribbean Reef Shark swam back and forth along the wall just below divers for half of the dive.  Nassau Groupers were spotted facing off in a scuffle on the side of the wall, and a Great Barracuda shot down to them as if to find out what the row was about.  A Green Turtle tootled around on the top of the wall for several minutes, going up to the surface for air, and returning again for more foraging.  A small school of Rainbow Runners raced past, followed by shimmering, darting Mackrel Scad.  Ballyhoos swam just below the surface above divers, as two Permit dived down from a shallow position to skirt the top of the reef wall.  A Spotted Eagle Ray swung by, as two Great Barracudas chased each other with a burst of incredible speed.   When divers pulled off over to the sand bed next to the wall, there seemed to be large Southern Sting Rays everywhere, whether sitting partially hidden in the sand, or digging around for hidden treats.  After an extended lunch time break at the beautiful and tranquil isle of Half Moon Caye, we chose the Aquarium as our third dive location, and had 60 feet of visibility there.  This dive site is encrusted with knots of life.  Here, sponges, as well as hard and soft corals all hang tightly packed off of older coral growth everywhere.  Divers get an eyeful of colours and textures on this beautiful wall that has promontories thick with Deep Water Gorgonian Sea Fan growth.  A number of hefty Black Groupers cruised the area, both off the wall, and between stands of Gorgonians.  Three Caribbean Reef Sharks were seen in various sizes.  The first was about three feet long, followed by a tiny one that couldn’t have been longer than 18 inches.  The last was a bit bigger at four feet, but was still smaller than those seen previously that day at Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Wall.

The Elbow was the choice for Wednesday’s dives, and Myrtle’s Turtle right next door was visited for the second dive.  There was a northbound current that divers swam against for the first dive.  Visibility was excellent at 80 feet for each dive, and the water seemed particularly clear, showing off the intricate detail of the spectacular spur and groove formations along the wall’s edge at both of these sites.  An unusual sight of at least a thirty-strong school of Mackerel swam by on two occasions.  A unit of ten large Permit swam over the reef swimming past the divers and along with the current.  A huge gathering of Dog Snappers were spotted just at the visibility line, far off of the wall.  A Hawksbill Turtle fed contentedly on a large Loggerhead Sponge on the bottom.  Smaller schools of Rainbow Runners, Cubera Snappers, and Atlantic Spade Fish also showed up.  Divers got a bonus at the end of the Elbow dive, when Bottlenose Dophins decided to join them with their squeaks and clicks, darting up and down in the water column.  What a great treat for the day!  The Night Dive offered a full spectrum of reef dweller sightings.  Lots of Caribbean Spiny Lobsters were quite active crawling over the reef heads.  Beaded Sea Cucumbers were out, as well as a Sea Hare, and Lettuce Leaf Slug.  Even Octopus and Squid were seen.  Large flotillas of Sargassum Seaweed started drifting in, and juvenile fish were seen hiding below its canopy near the surface, exposed by the beam of divers’ lights. 

Choices of Elkin’s Bay, Molly’s Folly, and Tunnels & Barrels to the northwest were made for Thursdays dive sites, all offering 70 feet of great visibility.  Three Spotted Eagle Rays swam together up the wall and passed by at close range surprising divers, who were focusing on small subjects with their cameras.  Divers took closer looks at Pederson Shrimp, Squat Anemone Shrimp, and the easy-to-find Coral Banded Shrimp with its long white antenna giving away its hiding place in tight crevices.  In addition, a not-often-seen Cryptic Teardrop Crab was spotted in a tube sponge. 

For the last day of diving, divers decided to only do two of the three dives offered due to departure flight times the following day.  Pine Ridge with its big bay-shaped sand bed nestled between coral walls, and Amberhead with a dizzying collection of sponges offered great views with 70 feet of visibility.  A Spotted Eagle Ray, and a Hawksbill Turtle showed up for a farewell viewing before divers had to surface for the last safety stop.                   

Blackbird Caye Resort - Belize - Book 4, Stay 7

Seven in Heaven - Book a 4 Night Dive Vacation and Stay for 7 Nights - Save $800

Get to the Pool..!

We have a great package at Blackbird Caye Resort offering a 7 night stay for the price of a 4 night stay. As the resort says "7 in heaven." You will get  air conditioned ocean front cabana accommodations, all meals daily, airport transfers, and boat dives. This package in the standard cabana is normally $2270 per person but now is $1470 per person double diver occupancy. Save $800. You must book by 31 July 2014 for travel weeks during August from the 9th to 31st of August, 2014. Contact us for availability today.

Grab your gear and let's head to the dock!

Turneffe Flats Resort Belize - BOGO Deal - Buy 1, Get 1

Turneffe Flats is Back with a Buy 1 Get 1 Deal

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Turneffe Flats has long been recognized as one of Belize's premier saltwater fly fishing, SCUBA diving and marine ecotourism destinations.  Located on the Turneffe Atoll, the largest and most diverse coral atoll in the Caribbean, the resort specializes in superior service for a limited number of guests.

Awaken in your air-conditioned beachfront cabana to an incredible tropical seascape of white sand beach, expansive bonefish flats, lush mangroves and the surf breaking over the reef for miles in either direction. Watch a spectacular sunrise from your verandah and when night falls, the stars look close enough to touch.

Ideally located to enjoy all of Turneffe's  250 square miles of expansive flats, coral reefs and remarkably rich marine habitat, this resort is a divers Caribbean paradise.

Last minute specials - BOGO Deal Book 1 diver, 2nd Diver is FREE. Book a 7 night dive package including room accommodations and all meals and your second diver is free. Normally $2395 per person, this package is $1198 per person.

Travel dates are between August 16 and September 20, 2014 for the 7 night packages.

You may also book a 4 night package and get the same BOGO Deal. Travel dates 26-30 July and 5-9 August. Normally $1595 per person, this package is $798 per person.

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